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Catalogue Essays

2015     Romance Died Romantically, Strange Neighbour

2013     Embedded, Strange Neighbour

2012     Between a rock and a pineapple, Ellinor Forsberg & Yvette King, Seventh Gallery

2009     A Bike Ride with Melissa, Ka-yin Kwok,  Kings ARI  

2009     It’s a wonderful life,  Yvette King,  Kings ARI    

2008     A hole in the roof, Kevin Chin, TCB gallery

2008     The Void, Natalie Ryan,  Kings ARI

2007     Nonchalantly Unimpressed, Group Exhibition, Victoria Park Gallery


Reviews, Profiles & Articles

2014      Preview of Play Me, Art Guide Australia website

2014      Inez de Vega Interview, Georges Mora Foundation website

2014      Art Radar #1 Photography (Izabela Pluta, Chris Round, Ian Tippett) Art Guide Australia website

2014      Review of Witness, (group exhibition, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art), Art Guide Australia website

2013      Warren Kirk, Excerpt Magazine Blog

2013      Nadege Meriau, Excerpt Magazine, Issue 5, 2013, 52.

2012      Peter Nitsch, Excerpt Magazine, Issue 4, 2012, 56-58.

2009      Preview of Lackness, (Lou Hubbard, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces) Photofile, 86, Mar-June 2009, 12.

2008     ‘Engagingly awkward proximities’ (on Julie Traitsis & Michael Meneghetti)  Real Time, 86, August-September 2008, 46.

2008     ‘The dimensions of perception’ (group exhibition Beyond the Window, Bus Gallery) Real Time, 85, June-July 2008, 30-31.

2007     'Between heaven and hell' (Sonia Leber and David Chesworth installation Almost Always Everywhere Apparent, ACCA) Real Time, 81, October-November 2007, 54.

2007      'Making space: the freedom to mess' (Group Exhibition Floats like a brick doesn't, Bus Gallery) Real Time, 80, August-September 2007, 53.

2007     'Flattened Sculptures: The Photomediations of  Daniel Von Sturmer'.  Eyeline, 63, 2007, 52-53.

2007     'Art on the Ball' (Louise Paramor, Rod Laver Show Court 3) Real Time, 79, June-July 2007, 44.


Poetry Publications

2011      Selling My Tears


Publications as Editor

2011-14 Excerpt Magazine issues 1 - 6 and special issue Common Ground