2015     Romance Died Romatically, Strange Neighbour, (participated in and curated exhibition)

2014     Shrines, Federation Square Big Screen, (participated in and co-curated exhibition)

2012     CCP Declares: On the Nature of Things, Centre for Contemporary Photography, curated by Dr Kyla McFarlane

2011      Better Than Art, Kings ARI flashnight (participated in and curated exhibition)

2009      Mod Off, St Ignatius Community Hall (participated in and co-curated exhibition with Yvette King)

2009      Slightly Permanent, Shifted gallery (with Keith Wong)  

2008     Confessions, Kings ARI

2008     Signage, Kings ARI

2008     Untitled, Trocadero Gallery, part of Objects in Space group project,  Next Wave Festival 2008

2007     Girls Say No To White Gloves, Blindside Gallery

2007     Things in a room, Kings ARI (one night group exhibition as part of the Objects in Space project, Next Wave 2008)

2007     Nothing rhymes with failure, Victoria Park Gallery (with Kel Glaister, Stephen Palmer & Kiron Robinson)

2007     Snakes & Ladders, gallery (with Michael Iwasiw)

2005     VCA Graduate Exhibition

2004     Hush-Hush, Performance/Installation, Black Hole, VCA Art School

2004     Proud Annual, Acquisitive Exhibition, VCA Gallery

2004     Q&A, Performance/installation, Remedy Night, VCA Gallery

2003     Timing, Group exhibition, George Paton Gallery (Co-ordinated exhibition)

2002     After Taste, Graduate Exhibition, Faculty Gallery, RMIT



2015      Robert Nelson, 'Pondering live in legs and dead birds' The Age, 6.10.2015

2012      Naomi Cass, 'Silver Lining' in CCP Declares

2008      Daniel Palmer, ‘What are you looking for?’ Catalogue essay in Objects in Space publication

2008      Tamsin Green, ‘Nothing Rhymes With Failure exhibition review’, Runway, Iss 10. 86-87

2007     Claire Richardson, Catalogue essay for Girls Say No To White Gloves, Blindside gallery



2017     Warp, Fremantle Arts Centre, Revelation Perth International Film Festival

2015     Romance Died Romantically, Strange Neighbour

2014     Shrines (co-curated with Michael Meneghetti), Federation Square Big Screen, Artbox & Excerpt

2013     Embedded (co-curated with Michael Meneghetti), Strange Neighbour

2012     I'm With Stupid, Mark McGowan & Jimmy Kuehnle, Screen Space

2011      Better Than Art, Kings ARI flashnight     

2009     Mod Off (co-curated with Yvette King), single night art event at St Ignatius Community Hall
             with collaborative blog    

2009     Shifted, Lou Hubbard & Yvette King, Shifted gallery



2011-15     Editor of Excerpt Magazine (Issues 1-6 & special issue Common Ground)



Selected Reviews, Profiles & Articles

2014    Preview of Play Me, Art Guide Australia website

2014    Inez de Vega Interview, Georges Mora Foundation website

2014    Art Radar #1 Photography (Izabela Pluta, Chris Round, Ian Tippett), Art Guide Australia website

2014    Review of Witness, (group exhibition, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art), Art Guide Australia website

2013    Kings of Video, Kings ARI

2013    'Nadege Meriau', Excerpt Magazine, Issue 5, 2013, 52.

2012    'An Intimate Discussion' & text for 'Peter Nitsch's Function Follows Form', Excerpt Magazine, Issue 3, 2012, 37, 58.

2012    Guest posts for Lost At E Minor website

2011     'Where's the Fuck You Art?' Excerpt Magazine, Issue 1, 2011, 26-27.

2009     ‘New and Improved’ New 09 at ACCA review, Artworker, 4,  2009, 50-51.

2009     Preview of Lackness, (Lou Hubbard, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces) Photofile, 86, Mar-June 2009, 12.

2008     ‘Engagingly awkward proximities’ (on Julie Traitsis & Michael Meneghetti)  Real Time, 86, August-September 2008, 46.

2008     ‘The dimensions of perception’ (group exhibition Beyond the Window, Bus Gallery) Real Time, 85, June-July 2008, 30-31.

2007     'Between heaven and hell' (Sonia Leber & David Chesworth installation Almost Always Everywhere Apparent, ACCA) Real Time, 81, October-November 2007, 54.

2007      'Making space: the freedom to mess' (Group Exhibition Floats like a brick doesn't, Bus GalleryReal Time, 80, August-September 2007, 53.

2007     'Flattened Sculptures: The Photomediations of  Daniel Von Sturmer'.  Eyeline, 63, 2007, 52-53.

2007     'Art on the Ball' (Louise Paramor, Rod Laver Show Court 3) Real Time, 79, June-July 2007, 44.


Catalogue Essays

2017      Warp, Fremantle Arts Centre

2015      Romance Died Romantically, Strange Neighbour

2013      Embedded, Strange Neighbour

2012      Between a rock and a pineapple, Ellinor Forsberg & Yvette King, Seventh Gallery

2012      I'm With Stupid, Mark McGowan & Jimmy Kuehnle, Screen Space

2009     Mod Off, catalogue essay co-written with Kel Glaister   

2009     A Bike Ride with Melissa, Ka-yin Kwok,  Kings ARI  

2009     It’s a wonderful life,  Yvette King,  Kings ARI    

2008     A hole in the roof, Kevin Chin, TCB gallery

2008     The Void, Natalie Ryan,  Kings ARI

2007     Nonchalantly Unimpressed, Group Exhibition, Victoria Park Gallery

               Excerpt reprinted in ‘I try to help them give form to the many options available’exhibition catalogue, A Centre for Art, Auckland

2006     The Space in Between, Pip and Natalie Ryan, MIR 11

Poetry Publications

2011      Selling My Tears



2016 Light Geist exhibition opening speaker, Fremantle Arts Centre

2016 Panel discussion 'Video and Place' Revelation, Perth International Film Festival

2013 Interviewed by Lucida Magazine


2012 Victorian College of the Arts, Art Forum Series

2011 Victoria University, Visual Art Department



2009     Eat Your Words writing project, Artworkers (QLD) with the support of the Australia Council and Arts Queensland  

2007     Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Photomedia,  Monash
              Received First Class Honours

2006     Scope Publishing Project for emerging art writers,  Monash

2006     Photomedia in Modern and Contemporary Art,
              single unit taught by Daniel Palmer, Monash.

2005     Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing, Victorian College of the Arts

2002     Diploma of Visual Art, Sculpture Major, RMIT


2007      Centre For Contemporary Photography Kodak Salon, Best Use of Print Technology

2005      St Kilda Art Supplies Award

2005     John Vickery Scholarship

2004     Winner of ‘Proud - VCA Annual Acquisitive Exhibition’



2016-19  Owner and Manager, Only Good Vintage

2014        Client Services Manager, Deutscher and Hackett, March 2014 - March 2016

2014        Exibition Advisory Committee Member 2014 & 2015, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

2013        Advisory Panel Member, Strange Neighbour, May 2013 - November 2015
                (Provision of curatorial & general gallery support)

2013       Board Member, Georges Mora Foundation, October 2013 - December 2014
                (Provision of general practical & administrative support & redevelopment of foundation website)

2012       Administrative Support Officer, Registration Department, National Gallery of Victoria, full-time contract March 2012 - June 2013

2010       Gallery Assistant, Shifted Gallery (1 day a week)

2009       Library Services Officer, Baillieu Library, The University of Melbourne, March 2009 - August 2011