Torch Work
A Maglite torch shines light on to an empty gallery wall, as the maglites predicted battery life and the exhibition both last 6 hours the light fades slowly to nothing.


A torch shines onto an empty gallery wall. Illuminating nothing. This lit circle is not a playing field for shadow puppets, instead it rests slightly above head-height, unresponsive and scarcely noticeable in the moderately lit space.

The source: a classic silver Maglite, perched high near the ceiling, unreachable. Its batteries wane during the course of the six-hour show, the light fading out to non-existent. Entropy via AAA currents.

The violence of the work's self-limiting construction sits tensely against the soft, delicate, almost quasi-spiritual effect of the cast light. An amalgam of the clumsily sleek and specially pathetic. The title - Torch Work - reflects this uncompromising tease of a work.


The exhibition:

Things in a Room was a six hour group exhibition at Kings ARI, it was a precursor to the Objects in Space program for Next Wave 2008. The main spaces of the gallery were left empty, spacious and clear; but in all the hidden corners of the gallery the works were planning their invasion of the city.