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Slightly Permanent
multi-component exhibition with Keith Wong

Amy exhibition components: monocle installation and two lambda prints on flex, mounted on acrylic.
Keith exhibition components: text based booklet with oil stain and bubble wrap image slipcase and oil stain on exhibition room sheet.


What the invite said:

There was an incident, the evidence of which still remains. With what was left both Marjoram and Wong have set into motion – turning this exhibition into a situation of interconnecting works that will bring together a number of things. From a one-eyed critic, to an encounter with a monocular and a window damaged with a bullet-like hole, combined with the multiple appearances of a greasy stain, one that cannot be removed not even slightly.

The exhibition:

Keith wanted to put a grease stain on the list of works page pinned to the gallery wall. I had been obsessed with this nail gun hole that had been accidentally made in his studio window. I decided as his studio was next to the gallery I would make a hole into his studio wall, insert a monocle into it and have it focused on the circular fracture. Deliberately making an entry way into his studio, to highlight the accidental access path of the nail, cause the bullet-like hole to merge with the unbroken glass of the monocle lense.

Keith countered this with a text that would be included in our show that told the story of a one-eyed critic.  I then decided I wanted to photograph the nail gun hole from outside as well, so we took out a window and spent some time manouevering my camera attached to a piece of wood out of his second story studio.  I got a shot I was happy with which would be mounted on acrylic, as though sealing the bullet-like hole. Keith decided to oil stain the text about the critic as welI, I thought this was the best move yet.

We talked about bubble wrap and Keith decided to use a photo of bubble wrap around his text as a cover sheet. I took the photo and gave it to him. I then decided I wanted to show the bubble wrap as a photo so a few days before the show opened I raced to get it printed and acrylic face mounted. So then the bubble wrap photo, that teasingly shows bubble wrap that can’t be popped was also put in the show. That is how our show happened, or thereabouts. 


Exhibited 2009 in Slightly Permanent, Shifted Gallery (with Keith Wong)