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inkjet prints in hard cover book


Grounded was an oversized book that, like a carpet sale display folder,  offered a range of surfaces. The viewer who crouched could flick through life-size grass to linoleum to gravel and carpet, all shot from an aerial advantage and now returned to the horizontal plane. The depicted grounds reacted oddly to the soft matte paper, creating odd tension between image and substance.

‘Photo rocks’ where spread out over the gallery floor. These aerial shots rocks were now flattened depictions that adhered easily to the concrete floor of the gallery and were easier to walk on than the original rocks would have been.


The exhibition:

‘GIRLS SAY NO TO WHITE GLOVES’ was a group show that departed from  "taking a photograph" and then "hanging it" which suggests a limp and precarious relationship with the wall that supports it. Instead, photography was celebrated as a robust medium, in effect, the photograph may be "taken" but it is also "returned" - returned to an acknowledged physical presence beyond the pristine print

Exhibited  2007 in Girls Say No To White Gloves, Blindside gallery, Melbourne (with Kate Robertson, Amanda Schembri & Michelle Tran) with a catalogue essay by Claire Richardson.