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inkjet prints in hard cover book (selection of pages above)


Confessions wavers between triviality and sincerity. Some TINY yet universal things make us feel like utter crap, highlighting the topsy-turvy nature of our failings. The entire self help industry thrives on these sorts of neuroses, as I suspect does much of the art scene.

The occasionally neglected alcove space at Kings seemed the perfect place to say to the world, or at least the art world, "It's okay, it's okay to be you. There, there, we all sometimes piss in the shower." The cramped conditions of the rather pathetic space highlighted the slightly lurid intimacy of the text. This was exacerbated with low lighting and the installation of  bright red carpet that co-existed with the dank storage vibe of the nook.

Exhibited  2008 in Confessions, the alcove space under the stairs of Kings ARI